Sunday, September 20, 2009

July-September: Noah's first pool, first birthday, first "Cousin Week," first trip to the beach, and first trip to the Bass Pro Shop... I'm telling you -- it is SO much fun having a kid and experiencing the world through a child's eyes! This was Noah's first time in his little kiddie pool. He was very uncertain at first and felt compelled to articulate his concerns to Mom...

... which lasted for about 2 minutes... and then he was ALL IN!

Both sets of grandparents were able to come for his first birthday. One night Grandma & Grandpa Pierce gave Noah a Disney shape-sorter a little early, prior to all the birthday bash madness. Grandpa's showing him how it works...

Noah's birthday party was super fun with family and friends... the adults ate brunch while the little one's swam in the kiddie pool and Sadie supervised. (Haha. Kidding! I promise there was adult supervision of swim time!) It was really fun to celebrate, not only the gift of Noah's life, but also the huge blessing of family and precious friends that have become our Atlanta family.)
Grandma & Grandpa Pierce

Nana (Cunningham) and Noah after swim time
Pop helping Noah practice his wave
Mmmm. icing is gooooood.

I mean, icing is reeeal good!!!
"I SAID, 'ICING IS GOOOOD!!!!!' "... and I have some in my hair!

The family... after the party madness! Noah was d-u-n, done! and ready for a nap!

Our friends the Bealls came for a visit a week or two later... Carlton, Noah, & Adam
Mindy, Taryn, & Josiah (making a funny face!)

Noah loves him some bubbles (see below...)
At Flip Burger (during Noah's nap time) with the Bealls, Chris Needham, & Joel Priest
Adam, blowing bubbles for Noah to help entertain while waiting for food!
When we were first pregnant, people loved to tell us, "Wow, expecting your first! Your life is going to change sooo much!" And, seriously, we did not think they were lying! But someone truly needs to write a book and explain, "When people tell you your life will change, they mean that you will find yourself doing strange things that you never considered necessary or appropriate." -- like shoving handfuls of grapes in your pocket while grocery shopping because you realize that while you were turned around selecting apples, your kid has tossed all his snack on the ground and you don't want to give them to him again, but you also don't want to be 'that' mom who leaves a huge mess, but seriously, there's no trashcan in site and where else are you going to store them for the time-being while trying to get your shopping done - where your kid won't have access to them and where they also will not fall through the slots in the cart? Or, perhaps, your kid has some form of mashed up food all over his fingers and is just before making an even bigger mess... when you realize, much-to-your-horror, that you have no napkin or wipe... and so you quickly stick his hand in your mouth to clean his fingers, in an effort to fore go the disaster of having mushed strawberries smashed all over his shirt (or yours)! So, this is but another one of those very small examples of what, "Your life is going to change so much!" means. Instead of sitting and having adult conversation and savoring your food when it arrives when you go out with friends, you will now find yourself riffling through the diaper bag, desperate for anything with better distract-ability power than whatever you had pulled out previously as your child continues his/her I'm-way-overdue-for-my-nap meltdown... and then shamelessly whip out a container of bubbles and begin blowing while dining at the trendy new restaurant in town!

Cousin Week in Texas
Noah and Mindy went to Texas for a visit with family. Mindy's brother and his family were there also -- and it was a blast for Noah to have a week with his cousins. He learned tons of new tricks!...
The hands-down favorite was "the chicken bawk"... which resulted from a shopping trip to Wal-Mart... again, past-due on a nap, having a meltdown in the shopping cart, while Nana runs (and I mean that literally) through the store with Noah in the cart and Claire (7 years old) beside the cart. Nana asked Claire to help "entertain" Noah. And Claire dutifully begins to "bawk" like a chicken, while flapping her arms. Noah stares silently in amazement. Ten minutes later, while waiting in the checkout line, Noah peers up from the cart and begins to bawk like a chicken.
The kid is a first-class copy cat.

Nana went garage-saling prior to cousin week and found this microphone (that played music and actually amplified voices) for the girls. We couldn't believe it when Noah snatched it up one day, KNEW HOW TO TURN IT ON, and then began singing into it!

Noah practices his new walking skills, while doing the one-winged chicken bawk. I mean, seriously, who needs a television when you have children around?!
One afternoon, we went to visit with some friends (Teresa and Russell) at the lake...
Teresa let the girls "drive" the boat -- they looooved it. In fact, ALL kids loved the whole lake experience!...

Noah's first boat ride

Noah's first sand-eating

Noah wanted to swim by himself
Noah's first 4-wheeler ride

Nana with the grand kids: Kate (4), Noah (12 months), Claire (7)

Claire, Noah, & Kate

You might be wondering how we got such fantastic smiles during our photo shoot. Well, a certain mother/aunt (who will remain nameless) demonstrated her (obviously very laughable) best dancing skills while Nana snapped away...
We took a 3 day trip to the beach with some college buddies. Noah's first time at the ocean!

Clearly, the child does not have "fear-of-water" issues.

At all.
I mean, is this same child who, one month ago, was more-than-a-little apprehensive about the kiddie pool?!?!

Mindy, Adam, & Chris

Beach photo shoot -- thanks to our friend Stacy who took photos, and our friends Erin and Chris who were more than successful in their attempts to hold Noah's attention and make him smile.

OOOOhhhhh. Sand.
Yes, that is sand on the corners of his mouth. Yes, he ate some, and was happy about it.
The guys (and the girl trying to sneak in): Luke (and Park) Truex, Chris Needham, Adam (and Noah) Pierce, Franco (and Micah & Anna) Salvatori
A couple weeks ago Noah and Mindy were out with our friends Brett and Karen on a Saturday night, when Brett asked if we could make a stop at the Bass Pro Shop. He was DE-lighted when we okayed the idea, and even more thrilled to learn that this was Noah's first trip to the Bass Pro Shop.

Noah & Mr. Brett

Mr. Brett tells Noah about all the fish... and Noah LOVES IT... PS., this is AFTER our trip to Chateau Elan... where Mr. Brett hikes Noah through the vineyards to see the horses WHILE SINGING, "Jesus Loves the Little Children." (You would have to know how SERIOUSLY reserved Brett is in order to totally appreciate him singing OUT LOUD to our son.) I mean, do we have the sweetest friends on earth, or what?!

Noah loved Bass Pro Shop so much that he walked around, and around, around -- talking non-stop -- with his finger pointed straight in the air...
and around, and around, and...

He knew exactly what to do in the speed boat!

And was equally pumped about the Arctic Cat! (Watch out, Big Dave, I think he's getting ready for the next ski / snow mobile trip!)
Adam and Mindy both celebrated birthdays. Our friends Amanda & Scottie (recently relocated from Chicago to 1 1/2 hours north of here!!! - woo hoo!) came for dinner!

And Paul was in town (from Lexington, KY) for a retreat - so we got to celebrate with him, too!

Saturday, June 06, 2009

March and April were red-letter months for us... here are the pix from Noah's baptism, Adam's APD graduation, our first family vacation with Noah, a Mindy & Noah roadtrip, and a couple more "firsts"... Noah wasn't real interested in us committing ourselves to raise him in a Christ-centered home, but he found the overhead lights real interesting!
The first "sprinkle" of water caught him a little off guard...
But by the 2nd and 3rd sprinkle, he knew what was coming and made every effort to ward off Dan's wet hand.
We laughed out loud when Dan made a joke about Noah trying to defend himself, "And the Holy Spirit will pursue you..."

Adam, Mindy, Noah (more interested in Grandma's sparkly earring than in smiling for the camera, Grandma Pierce, Aunt Shawna, Grandpa Pierce

The Pierce Boys

Noah & Aunt Shawna

Noah and Pop (Cunningham) -- all dressed up and ready for Dad's APD graduation!

The Graduating Class

The Pierces

Mindy's Parents

Not really interested in the accomplishment, but thankful for a teething opportunity.

Noah with Nana and Pop before they headed back to Texas.

Sadie's new favorite spot in the house... awaiting any morsels that fall... it's like manna from heaven!

Noah's pulling up, and likes to check out the action across the street. Okay, or maybe it's just whatever he's found in the crevasse of the window seal...

Noah discovers the bookshelf. I mean who needs toys when you can just spend hours pulling all the books off the shelf.
When Noah climbed out of the his little "exersaucer" (twice), we realized he was pretty mobile, and it was time to get serious about baby-proofing. So, we gated off the kitchen. It's hard to believe he's already big/old enough to be INTO things!

Noah loves his "sit-n-spin"... mostly it should be called a "stand-n-pat"... but hey, he's excited about it!
We're all packed up for a weekend with our friends at their cabin in the "mountains" in North Georgia.
We did some bike riding, a hike to a waterfall,... We met Chris and Donia through our church community group. They have been super precious and we love our time with them... they're just a really neat couple. Donia watches Noah on Thursday nights and Saturday mornings while Adam and I ride our bikes with Chris.
Noah LOVES Miss Donia.

Noah thought the waterfall was pretty cool.
Noah's first lemon. I mean, you can only entertain a kid for SO LONG at a restaurant while waiting for the food to come... and then you start to get creative. The funny thing was that he would make these hilarious faces and then try another bite, and another, and another...

Whew, both kids were worn out -- that was a great weekend!

Noah and Mindy road tripped to see Meg and Josh Adams -- Molly and Anne were turning 4 and 2; so we wanted to be there to celebrate. (Noah had his eyes on Annie's cupcake!)

Anne & Meg

Molly, Meg, and Anne -- singing Happy Birthday!

Noah's first push toy.
Um, none of that one-handed driving, Son.

Noah's first "bike" ride with Dad.
Based on this final picture, one might assume the ride was a success. However, what we did NOT photograph was the poor kid 20 minutes later, lopped over to one side, crying his head off, and sweating profusely. Okay, so, clearly, we'll wait a while before trying that one again!